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Q. I am interested in opting for contact lenses over glasses. Is the eye examination process for contact lens different than those for eyeglasses?

Q. How long does it take to get used to contact lenses, if I have never worn them before?

Q. What are the types of contact lenses available? Can you also provide benefits of each of them?

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Q. Is it worth spending extra on disposable contact lenses?

Q. What is the really big difference between daily and extended wear contact lenses?

Q. Why is it necessary to come back for a second visit after being fitted with contacts?

Q. What are the precautionary measures to be followed while inserting and removing soft contact lenses?


Q. What are the Do’s and Don’ts to be followed for effective caring of contact lenses?

Q. Can you enlist some of the latest advancements in type of contact lenses available?

Q. What are the dos and don’ts to follow regards contact lens wear?