Donate Old Eyeglasses

Donate Old Eyeglasses Introduction

Old spectacles, Expired eyewear (number change), Glasses which are out of fashion, etc. are generally thrown away by most of us as useless goods. But have you ever thought that the Eyewear which is useless for you could be a boon for someone else? From a recent research it has been noted that about 314 million people worldwide suffer from poor vision simply because they lack the means and access to proper eye care and eyewear.

Corporate Social Responsibility at Gangar Eyenation

At Gangar, we care for your eyes, but we also care for the eyes of millions of those people who lack in sufficient eye care and suffer from sight problems which can be easily ignored. As a part of our corporate social responsibility, we are proud to join hands with one of the most dedicated charitable trust involved in improving vision for hundreds of adults and children who are in need but cannot afford basic eye care. To support this noble cause, we take care that all old spectacles collected by us reach the trust safely. The trust then passes on these spectacles after a free eye examination, to those in need.

How to Donate Old Eyeglasses

You can also be a part of this noble cause. Donate your old spectacles at any of our stores by simply dropping them into a drop box. Once the box is full, it is sent to the charitable trust from where it is reached to people who require it. Come with your old spectacles to our stores today. Give a helping hand to the needy by doing your bit for them. You can make a huge difference in someone's life simply by donating your old eyeglasses.