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Tips to choose EYEWEAR to grace your Personality

Eyes are the most striking feature that grabs attention and people notice instantly during meets. An appropriate choice of eyewear contributes to enhancing your looks and speaks your style.

What you wear apparently not just speaks about your style but also defines who you are. The key to achieving the image you desire is in choosing a right pair of eyeglasses that match your personality and lifestyle.

The first step towards choosing the right eyewear is to determine your personality traits and different aspects of your lifestyle. It's important to ask yourself, if you are a fast paced businessman, an active sports athlete, a student, a creative person, an artist or a writer. Your profession not just speaks of who you are, but there's also reflection observed in choices of color and style preferences.

Listed here are some of the mostly recommended styles for people of different persona and professions. Hope you find your ideal match here.


If you are among the conservative business types, then the best and ideally advisable to stay with recognizable shapes such as ovals, rectangles and almonds. However, for the more classic person, non-complex frame styles are better than shapes because of its unusualness. Thin plastics and metals are recommended. Titanium and stainless steel, rimless and three-piece mounting are also fine. In terms of color, silver, gunmetal, brown and black are recommended for men, while brown, golden tones, silver, burgundy and coffee are good for women.


Children as well as adults can be visually impaired, sometimes as a result of a birth defect or an injury. Low vision is mostly a problem that afflicts seniors. Aging process like macular degeneration or distorted and/or blurred from Diabetic Retinopathy are a few causes along with glaucoma or Retinitis Pigmentosa can lose their peripheral vision and have difficulty seeing at night.

If you are a retired senior, try to make choice of modern eyeglasses that keep you away from aging unnecessarily. An eyeglass shape that's uplifting for the face and colours that make you look younger are suggested such as gunmetal, browns and burgundy for men, while lighter and shinier hues for women.


For the creative and vivacious personalities, lenses with geometric shapes in thicker and larger plastics are a good choice, but metal materials are also fashionable with unusual colors such as blue, green and purple combinations look very stylish and grace your persona. Also, multi-coloured laminations are getting more popular.


Without any constraints, students have a lot more scope of experimenting with their looks and change their style more frequently. Take complete advantage of your freedom of choice and choose glasses with unusual shapes, larger sizes, and interesting details such as color laminations, are all available to suit different pockets. You can also choose retro, academic or artsy, however you need not always spend a lot to get trendy looks. Check out our product gallery and visit your nearest Gangar Eye Nation retail outlet for choosing a trendy wear that epitomises your style.


Generally as noticed, busy parents have very little time to worry about clothing and eyeglasses styling. However, choice of a basic and classic pair of eyeglasses that suits your persona works best on all seasons. Depending on your personal style, you can choose to amplify the fashion quotient of a basic shape with details like jewelry or stones to accessorize it. For busy parents leading hectic fast paced life, durability is the key during purchase of eyeglasses. Plastic materials or metals flexibly designed with spring hinges that can withstand tugging are preferred choice for both men and women.


If you are a sports lover and participate in outdoor activities, then the choice of durable eyewear is of more critical importance. However, there are many types of eyewear available that provide comfort, all the technical functions and enhance your performance. The styling can range from regular ones for day to day activities and sunglasses. The most crucial factor to be considered while choosing sports eyewear is that, the lens should be polarized to reduce glare off water. Polycarbonate lenses are advisable as they are shatter resistant and available in different tints to suit different lighting conditions.